Can anything beat the bird’s eye view of terra firma spotted with both manmade and natural beauties – breathtaking landscapes and seascapes with towering mountains and spectacular monuments often leave one speechless and in complete awe. What was once limited to celebrities and the high and the mighty is now within the reach of aviation enthusiasts, photographers in search of that exclusive angles, and travelers who can do with some thrill in their lives.

Helicopters are no more used just for sightseeing, or movie production or even aerial photography and videography they are being used for special events and occasions where people want to make a mark and leave an indelible memory in the minds of their friends and acquaintances. Do not miss this once-in-a-lifetime experience of viewing the sights in around the most happening place in the USA- Los Angeles.

What makes Helicopter rides so special

The flexibility, limited number of people and the sheer experience of having the wind caressing your face as you devour the beautiful and splendid vista below you.

* Flexibility

Helicopters offer immense flexibility as they are designed to be maneuver through narrow mountain ranges and stoop down to low levels and also immediately soar high into the sky.

* Better perspective

The ability to manage altitude is highly beneficial as it offers a different perspective to the same terrain from different heights and angles.

* Land at will

Unlike regular airplanes helicopters have the ability to land almost anywhere; that is why they are often used in rescue missions. This unique feature is advantageous for the discerning traveler or photographer who wants to get close to nature, wildlife and remote areas otherwise not accessible. This experience is exciting and satiating.

* Limited travelers

A helicopter ride typically accommodates 3 to 6 people. This provides a great opportunity for the rider to interact with the pilot and know more about the ride, the terrain, the helicopter itself. In general, it renders a personal touch to the whole experience and often travelers come back enriched from the interaction with experienced pilots.

* Go where regular airlines cannot

There are certain areas in the US where commercial flights are prohibited but helicopters are given access. Should you wish to visit such sites the only way is to engage a chopper.

Helicopter for Aerial Photography

Though drones are being employed more frequently for aerial photography they cannot be compared to the real thing where you actually experience the thrill of photographing sites and visuals; the excitement is beyond words. Aerial photography from helicopters has another major advantage – full control over what you see and what you want to capture. Your pilot can take you on routes where you get the best visuals and take you to the right altitude for that one perfect shot. The ability of a chopper to hover over a place is perhaps its biggest advantage.

The unknown angles and varying perspective are a delight to a photo enthusiast who we assure will not stop grinning in delight at every capture, every video and every visual.

Our pilots and our choppers are licensed and fully covered by insurance.

Helicopter Flight Training

If you have had a lifelong ambition of wanting to fly helicopters the time is ripe and you are at the right place as we offer professional and private lessons. It is a great opportunity to step into a career where your heart is. You can enjoy an introductory lesson at less than $100 and discover the joy chopper riding and who knows if you get hooked you can even emulate the helicopter rides in Hollywood movies.

Our flight training course has a set of guidelines that we diligently adhere to.

* Safety first

Safety is our top priority not only of our students but also of our flight instructors and therefore we leave no stone unturned in keeping our choppers in pristine condition and

keeping our gear in order always. Our flight instructors are well trained with several hours of flying to their credit, even in the most trying of conditions; they are trained to produce safety conscious pilots who are drilled to take right decisions in the moments of crisis too. We offer several hours of training on maneuverability skills.

* Help with License

We help our students achieve excellence that they can get either a private or commercial license with ease and are ready to be recruited. With our expert staff, you can achieve your goal of becoming a professional pilot.

* Multilingual trainers

Language can never be a barrier to knowledge and that is why we seek the services of trainers who are well versed in languages most commonly spoken in the USA. Our trainers will ensure that you do not miss any valuable lesson due to lack of language skills.

* Financial help

Those in need of finance can approach our help desk and we will help you not only with financing but with employment opportunities also. We can also help in housing placement for those who need additional aid.

Helicopter experience in Los Angeles

Be it seeing the famed Hollywood sign or Downtown LA experiencing Los Angeles from a vantage point atop the milieu of the regular crowd is an experience that one should not miss. Photo enthusiasts and those who want to have up close pictures of the famed Hollywood Sign in White would do good to embark on a helicopter and tour the region. Some of the best shots of downtown LA, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica Pier can be had from a helicopter. You can get dropped off at strategic locations like the Dodger Stadium and the Orpheum Theater. Why struggle with the maddening traffic of the city when you can reach any place of your choice in a jiffy. And if you can make it go in the late afternoon when the sunset is spectacular and not to be missed.

For helicopter tours around Los Angeles, we are proud to say that aviation enthusiasts, business executives and even discerning travelers choose to ride with us because our tours can be customized and our staff knowledgeable and very friendly.

Do not give up this opportunity to revel in the beauty of the skyscape of Los Angeles from the most trusted helicopter tours of the region, we assure you that you will have an unforgettable experience.

Be it a movie production or a celebrity transport or even aerial photography we assure you that we are here to enrich your experience.


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